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Mercedes MCV 600 Super High Deck

New Cairo Transportation

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Mercedes MCV 600 Super High Deck

New Cairo Transportation Mercedes MCV 600 Super High Deck

Accommodation of passengers:
49 seats + the driver + guide place.
• Passenger seats are located on raised platforms in the aisle and under the passenger seat is not moving against the wear synthetic surface. Curtains, interior upholstery.
• Service for each passenger with a separate light and air fan.
Passenger Seats:
• Deluxe seat with a high back and a width of 450mm
• seat cover (Velvet).
• Seats are equipped with: a grid for newspapers, folding table, ashtray, pen for holding, the numbering of seats, 2-point seat belt, folding armrest.
Driver’s seat:
• Pneumatic seat, sun visor on the windshield, independent lighting system, compartments for documents. Fence behind the driver, 6 kg fire extinguisher.
• Windshield colored in green with the top, all the glass with a light green tint equipped with emergency hammers.
• Pneumatic door at the front and rear.
Internal heating:
• Front warming box (Demister) .Vodyanoy heater under the passenger seats.
Air conditioning:
• Fixed roof air conditioner Konvekta KL 70 layout for each passenger.
• One internal, manual control.
• Two external electrically controlled heating.
Cargo space:
• Capacity 13,2 m3
Interior fittings:
• Radio CD player with integrated microphone
• Beds for drivers
• Cruise control
• The inner chamber to the second door.
• Rear View Camera
• Digital clock
• Refrigerator is integrated into the dashboard
• Toilet
• DVD, 2 LCD monitor
• Kitchen

Featured additions in Mercedes MCV 600 Super High Deck

Display screens | Toilet | Video | DVD /CD/ USB | Mic | Air conditioner | Disabled chairs

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