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360 Revolving Restaurant

360 Revolving Restaurant

5 StarsCairo

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The Cairo Tower was inaugurated in 1961 by the late president Gamal Abdel Nasser and it underwent a complete refurbishment and reopened in 2009.

The Tower is a landmark in Egypt, a masterpiece of structural art, constructed using styles from classic antiquity. The 187 meters tall building imitates a lotus plant in its shape and is situated on Gezira Island (Zamalek), with the River Nile flowing
serenely alongside. It is illuminated with different shades of color in the evening
At its very top is a panorama with telescopes, an open air experience of Cairo where one can enjoy a breath taking view of the pyramids of Giza and Sakkara, as well as the museum, the Citadel and the entire city. The Tower’s restaurants are the Revolving Gourmet restaurant, Sky lounge cafe and La Villa cafe have all been renovated and refurbished. The revolving gourmet restaurant at the summit serves a distinctive menu of international and oriental cuisine.

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Overlooks the Nile / Sea | External area

Restaurant address 360 Revolving Restaurant

The Cairo Tower, El Hadeka El Zahreya St.



360 Revolving Restaurant 360 Revolving Restaurant 360 Revolving Restaurant


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