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Transportation in tourism have positive and negative side effects

Tourism industry needs transports in other to take tourists from one place to another because the aim of the tourist is to reach the destination. So in tourism industry we find different modes of transports which consist of air, rail, road and water. Hence tourists have a choice to choose which one of the transports it is suitable for them. There are many reasons to choose modes of transport; tourists might look at the following -speed, safety, price and convenience. So basically these different kinds of transports have positive and negative side effects.

It is the fastest mode of transport. But the cost of its operation is very high and thus it is suitable for only rich passengers, mails and light and costly cargo Fastest Mode of Transport: Advantages of air It have High Speed: The best advantage of air transport is its high speed and It is the fastest mode of transport, therefore it is the most suitable mean because time is an important factor. It is Comfortable and Quick Services: Air transport it offers a steady, relaxed, well-organized and quick service. It is Easy For Access: Air transport can be used to carry goods and people to the areas which are not accessible by other means of transport.

Disadvantages of air transport Very Costly: It is the highest means of transport; I mean the charges of air transport are so high that it is beyond the reach of the common man. Uncertain and Unreliable: Air transport is uncertain and unreliable as it is controlled based on the level of weather conditions. Unfavourable weather such as fog, snow or heavy rain etc. may cause cancellation of scheduled flights and suspension of air service. Small Carrying Capacity: Its carrying volume is very small.

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Advantages of road transport Cost effective Fast delivery Easy to communicate with driver Disadvantages of road transport Transport it is focussed to traffic delays Transport subject to breakdown Goods susceptible to damage because of careless driving Bad weather Driving regulations can cause delays

Advantages of water transport The transport network is quite cheap as we compared it with a rail and road transport. Important for Foreign Trade: Water transport plays important role in foreign trade for example India’s foreign trade is mainly dependent on water transport.

Disadvantages of Water transports Slow Speed: It is a slow means of transport because in rainy season it will results into fall in the water level of rivers making direction-finding difficult. More Risky: Water transport is more risky as compared to other means because there is always danger of sinking ships or boats. In conclusion people need transport as far as we know that tourists comes from different places and they cant walk from a long distance to visit because it is time consuming.


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