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Royal Jewelry Museum – Alexandria

The Royal Jewelry Museum celebrates the Egyptian royal family established by Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1805, and which continued to rule for 150 years. The collection is displayed in the stunning palace of Princess Fatma El Zahraa, a descendent of Mohamed Ali Pasha.

The palace, built in 1919, acts as a striking backdrop to the magnificent possessions owned by the family. It uniquely merges European and Islamic styles, and reflects the remarkable taste of the princess in the paintings, gilded ceilings and mosaics decorating the many rooms of the palace.

The possessions amassed by the family over the span of their rule are on display throughout the magnificent halls of the palace. A diamond and emerald inlaid collar belonging to the founder of the dynasty, Mohamed Ali Pasha, is among the museum’s collection. The lavish lifestyle of the family is reflected in a gold chessboard, gold binoculars encrusted with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, and gold cups inlaid with precious stones. Dazzling and elaborate jewelry commissioned by the greatest designers in Europe, which once adorned the queens and princesses of Egypt’s royal family, is also on display.

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